EUF – engaging and empowering EU Families through storytelling, digital guide and card game

The EUF project is carried out in Italy, Greece and Portugal by four organisations experienced in working with families and interested in their well-being. It lasts 18 months and will end on March 31, 2025.

EUF stands for the project title in English, and stands for: Engaging and empowering EUFamilies through storytelling, digital guide and card game.

EUF has as its main objective the improvement of communication between parents and children.

For this purpose three products will be created during the project:

1. A gallery of stories with experiences of communication between parents and children

2. A digital guide on communication between parents and children

3. A card game to explore communication styles while having fun

The EUF project is aimed at parents and children in several ways:

– He involves them in interviews to gather experiences on communication.

This is the current phase, for which we are inviting some families (parents and/or children) to participate in short online or face-to-face interviews. The interviews will be used for the fine-tuning of the three products, and now in particular for the story gallery

– He invites them to share a photograph on the topic of communication between parents and children

– Ask them for feedback on the 3 products (once ready) to get feedback and suggestions to improve them

– He suggests that they let other people know about the products they liked the most

During EUF, the three products will be made available online and can be downloaded free of charge in Italian, Greek, Portuguese and English.

The first product, the story gallery, which we are now working on, will be ready in May 2024.

We will invite you to visit it by sending you a link.

Thanks also to your help, the EUF project will support parents in their educational function by strengthening their active role in the community.

EUF project partners

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